Welcome To My Humble Home

When I arrived at Goodenough College I was amazed by the crazy large architecture and grandeur. I’m still inspired by how everything always functions and is top notch. On Sunday morning I invited two Israeli friends who were in London to come have breakfast with me at Goodenough. The value offer was that our great hall feels like Hogwarts. When giving them a tour of the grounds, their awe-filled eyes reminded me of my gawking not two weeks ago. Moving forward I gotta find a way to keep reminding myself of the privilege I have living in such a wonderful place.


6 Balls – 120 Throws

In the summer of 2004 I broke the 100 throw mark for 5 ball juggling. On October 10th, 2014 I broke the 100 throw mark for 6 ball juggling. I have been actually practicing 6 ball juggling for about six years, not even remotely seriously. For times I would invest some time and effort. I’m not sure what actually brought about this success, I can only assume. I have been physically working out for the past 8 months which might have been of help. What I actually think it is is the peace of mind I have here. Here’s to not taking 10 more years to 100 throws with 7 balls.

The Other Guy

Last night I attended the BFI London Film Festival as the plus one of my dear friend Laëtitia Eïdo. Laëtitia was the honorary guest for the showcasing of Dancing Arabs. Being the plus one of the star of the evening, literally, was quite a humbling experience. My masculine upbringing had me introducing myself all the time. Despite that aggressive behaviour of mine all eyes were on her. All of this isn’t to say that I wish it were any way different. I hope to learn from this experience and turn future plus ones of mine to be actual partners.

Other Departments Ethics

While in London I’m based at the ICSR. The ICSR is the leading European think tank on foreign fighters joining islamist forces in the Levant. I’m not personally involved in that work but I do hang out with the people involved in it. For obvious reasons I won’t tell the background to this specific quote. After suggesting some sort of collaboration with another institute here at King’s College the response was: “At other institutes here they tend to be a little more uptight about ethics”. My reaction was to go read about the Declaration of Helsinki.

Would You Like S’more?

After a week in London I’m wondering whether I want more of it. In the classic 1993 film The Sandlot there is an epic scene where Smalls is asked if he wants s’more. To which he replies: “S’more of what?”. Last night at dinner when I ordered s’mores for dessert they brought a live fire so that we could roast the marshmallow ourselves. Aside from having an American dessert in the cultured and polite UK I was happy on the inside. Do I want s’more of London? Absolutely Yes. I’m just wondering what the other Graham is.

The S'mores delicious dessert from Flesh and Buns
The S’mores delicious dessert from Flesh and Buns


Garden of Eden

Linguistic and etymological conversations always fascinate me, which is why I replied to Yukiko kawamoto’s post. She asked, for a paper she has for class, how your native tongue treats the word “Garden”. In English there are add-ons to differentiate vegetable garden from flower garden. Hebrew being a language that was structured originally around agriculture has plenty to say about this. Instead of taking this light heartedly I did some research and posted my findings on a Google Spreadsheet. (http://bit.ly/ZQP4cK). I let Yukiko know that this is my way of thanking the Japanese for their hospitality.

Shared Labor

גרסא עברית של הפוסט הזה כאן

Over the last year I went through a thorough change in my political orientation. I went from being a Meretz party memebr (Social-Left)  to the Israeli Labor party (Centralist-Left). What my vote is going to be this coming election is a decision I have yet to make.

I do know the following though:

  • I want a leader that will serve the people
  • I want the Knesset to be the basis of government. I do not want the government to commandeer the Knesset to its own means.
  • I want the nation’s citizens to keep an eye on the government, affect its work if they are not happy
  • I want the judiciary to be accepted as a democratic must
***Warning: Demagogy ahead!***
Maybe I should vote for the Egyptian Labor party?

A complete English translation of the Egyptian Labor Party’s policy can be found here